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Well well...guess what!? Tonight I won the Ebay auction for the 1973 McCall's Booklet that contains the Ribbed Hooded Baby Jacket I'm interested in preserving. Yay. My (hidden) maximum bid wasn't driven higher than $ added to the $3.14 booklet cost me $20.14! The booklet contains 65 patterns, a mix of knitting, crochet, quilting and sewing. For sure I know there are two baby cardigans I will knit.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on the booklet itself, to read the copyright language contains on the inside cover and/or back of book.

If I see any cracks, I will email McCall's Customer Service again and ask if I can make photo copies of the Hooded Ribbed Baby Jacket and share it with two Ravelers that seem to be in a lather about the pattern.

As I said before, I have some old tattered notes for the design, but I am going to love having the original pages with the pattern.

I started another Hooded Ribbed Baby Jacket last night, but I've modified the stitch counts tremendously, for two pressing reasons: 1) rather than worsted, my yarn is bulky weight, 2) I need a newborn 0-3 mo size and the pattern's smallest size is 6 mo.

The 6 mo size is a cast on of 102 with worsted. I cast on 78 with bulky weight...and it's working! I'm almost done with the body up to yoke...and then will knit the sleeves 2/3 of the way, then work the round yoke by joining the body stitches with the sleeve stitches. Some of you are probably very familiar with this style and construction.

The hooded ribbed baby jacket is a fisherman rib, that is to say, the knits are knit in the stitch below...and it makes a very thick poofy pattern stitch. It's very warm because air is strapped in the poofiness. I love it. Very cushy!

Did I tell you...I knit this hooded baby jacket back in 1977 for my daughter, Lauralee. Hot icy pink and red red. My BFF had one in royal and one in emerald for her son, 4 months older than Lauralee. The jacket is sorta sentimental.

I will post a photo soon!
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