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On the yrn/yfwd question, I consulted with my Yarn Jedi Kninja Master girlfriend last night and showed her the line in question and she offered this explanation for the use of two different instructions that mean essentially the same thing. The yrn would be a YO in the usual sense, but the yfwd would wrap in a counterclockwise direction rather than clockwise. Which... when I pictured how that would have to work, made some sense. Bringing the yarn forward between the needles would put it on the wrong side to do a knit, so you'd have to move it behind the needle again before knitting the next stitch. Presto, you have a counterclockwise turn. Now WHY you'd want to do this is anybody's guess, but this explains why there's two different instructions.

The lesson here I suppose (for me anyway) is that pattern instructions have to be considered in the larger context of what ELSE you're doing... because sometimes the same term means two different things depending on context. In a "normal" (whatever that is) context, I'd read yfwd as the transition to the front side and if your next stitch was a purl, that would make sense (though the instruction would be pretty extraneous unless this was a My First Rib pattern). In a perfect world (whatever THAT is) there's a section in the pattern that EXPLAINS what the yfwd means in the context of this pattern. But they may have assumed it wasn't necessary. (With me, this is NEVER a safe assumption... YMMV.)

But at the end of the day, you got it working and THAT is the only thing that really matters.
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