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Hello from Ontario
Hey Everyone: So glad I found this knitting forum. I've been thinking for quite awhile about joining a knitting forum, but was reluctant as I joined another non-knitting forum back in March to announce a new ebook I had just written, that I was giving away FREE.

To my amazement, even though this ebook was free, I took major bashing from many of the veterans on this forum. Kinda scared me away from forums for awhile. I considered them 'forum bullies'.

As a new author, I was there seeking help, tips, advice on making my 'first' ebook even better. That didn't happen. I'm rewriting and will re-release it this spring.

However, I'm sure I will find a 'knitting' forum MUCH friendlier as we knitters are pretty down to earth, cool, fun, creative people.

Anyway, my name is RJ Smith, from Picton, Ontario. I'm a family man with 4 boys, all who I taught to knit in years past, but only one who occasionally picks up the needles today, haha.

I'm 57 and started learning to knit when I was 8. I've knit on and off over the years and am TOTALLY ADDICTED. Have taught a number of friends over the years to knit. I LOVE teaching. I'm also a music teacher.

I developed a technique in the early 90's which I call FreeStyle Knitting, after being inspired by the Famous 'Kaffe Fassett' on his series at the time called "Glorious Color". I not only use dozens of colors in every project, but I do not use patterns. I also don't use balls or skeins, but only lengths, for the most part, except for the projects I'm doing now. I will explain this on another post.

Speaking of ebooks, I've been working on a short ebook called FreeStyle Knitting in which I will share how this technique started and what it means, to me.

Once completed, hopefully by March, I will be giving away a few hundred copies and then selling it quite cheap.

I don't have an Opt In box set up yet on my new site, which I can't post until my next post. I will have one set up very soon, so if any NEW knitters happen to see this post, just respond or look for other posts that will have the link and then you can Opt In for your FREE copy when it's done.

The main purpose of this new site will be to help NEW knitters anyway I can; to review and promote any courses or books or videos I like, etc.. And once I learn how to make video's of my own, I will have tutorials on there.

Anyway, very happy I found this forum. I look forward to meeting many of you; adding you to my facebook friends list and helping any new knitters on here.

Wishing Everyone a Happy Day of Knitting

Hobbyist Knitter For Over 40 Years
Helping Newbie Knitters Is My Gig
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