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Originally Posted by rjknittrdude747 View Post
Hello Again Everyone:

As a new member here and for my 2nd post, I figured it might be a good idea to share just a little about this technique I developed in the 90's, which I mentioned in my Intro post.

If you read my Intro post, I'm a young 57; started knitting when I was 8. I've knit furiously on and off over the years. In the early 90's my wife and I saw a program on TVO, highlighting Kaffe Fassett. This series was called Glorious Color.

As a Pro Balloon Twister of 27+ years I LOVE color, so this series TOTALLY GRABBED me. I had only ever used maybe 3 colors up to that point.

After seeing the 1st show in this series, I visited our local dept store and purchased 30 colors of Bernat 100% cotton. They were like 77 cents at the time. I think I bought 'one' of every color they had, both solid and variegated.

I also found 3 of Kaffe's books at a small LYS, now long gone, but discovered another Awesome LYS last summer, which I didn't know was a yarn store.

I read Kaffe's books covr 2 covr, trying a few patrns in his bks. I found I could NOT follow pattrns. It made knitting 'work' and I wanted knitting to be fun, enjoyable, relaxing.

Kaffe mentioned during this series that he broke a lot or rules of knitting. That got me thinking, I could br8k more rules and develop my own style or technique. SO, not being able to follow the pattrns in Kaffe's books, I just started knitting, chging colors when I wanted.

Haha, when I first started this new technique, I would have 10 balls of yrn in 10 bowls on the floor and would discover after just a few rows..... A HUGE MESS!

This wasn't working. After awhile of untangling this MESS of yarn, a light went on and I thot, hey, I can just use 'lengths'.

And from this small change, basically my FreeStyle Technique was born. I'm sure this is NOT new, but it was new to me.

No pattrns to follow; dozens and dozens of colors; using only lngths from a few inches to several ft or yrds.

For any NEW knitters who might be interested, just PM me and I can give you info on how to receive your free copy, when it's ready. I hope to have finished by March. I can also give you a link to a new site I'm just building.

I am setting up this new site primarily to help NEW knitters, as I LOVE to teach.

So for now, off to do some knitting. Working on a new scarf with 50 colors.

Happy Knitting....RJ
You sound like a great guy. Do you knit for your wife and if so, does she wear what you knit for her?

I read in a knitting magazine a few years ago about Kaffe Hassett and how he likes just to knit and see where it takes him. The results looked wonderful, but I wasn't sure the method would work for me. I would have to have at least some guidance at the outstart of a project.

I hope you'll post a photo of that scarf!

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