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Originally Posted by borealowl View Post
Right now I am knitting furiously on a baby blanket for a cousin's daughter due in February. But I am seriously thinking of giving it to Project Linus ( I have made blankets for them in the past). Have already sent her four pairs of booties I made as well as a neckwarmer for the cousin in the same package. All I got was an email acknowledgement that it came and wasn't opened yet over a week ago and no other mention! Not that I did it just to be thanked BUT..... I also suggested checking thrift shops and consignment stores for baby clothes as they were so expensive. I have received in a mass email cousin sends to several people that they were going to Kohls to look for baby clothes. No mention to me of things I made. I am seriously thinking I will never make anything for anyone again.
Well one sock monkey don't stop no show. I might be tempted to never knit anything else for THAT person, but shutting down operations totally? Mmmmno. Most people appreciate hand crafted items, and I'm not gonna let one rude an unappreciative <expletive> mess things up for those people.
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