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I stopped into my LYS two of them actually. The first I was very impressed with, huge selection and friendly people. I ended up getting some new needles instead of using the craft store stuff I ended up spending about the same and got some stainless needles boy are they great! The lady there asked about my project and suggested a size 7 she said she had a template for a mans scarf so she pulled it and we compared and using full worsted weight it was calling for a 7 so I decided to give them a shot. Got home Saturday and restarted my project I am now 5 inches up from my cast on row (not sure how many rows in) and it's looking really great so far. I've done a color change and that came out decent as well. Ever 4th or 5th row I will count stitches to make sure I haven't lost or picked any up and though I did start off with 50 stitches I managed to pick up 6 extra stitches about 3 or 4 rows into the project. Last nights count was 56 stitches so in a few dozen rows I've not picked up or lost any more stitches.

There is one spot near the start where you can see I missed a stitch, I did not notice it until I was about a half inch up from it, I'm hoping to be able to fix that spot later on. Any tips on that would be helpful.

Oh yeah, one of the sites my LYS suggested to me was this one. Told here I'd already found it.
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