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Originally Posted by MerigoldinWA View Post
I'm sorry that all through my post I used male pronouns. You had said it was a hen, but for some reason it looked more like a rooster to me. Three French Hens... Come on you could do this. Can-can skirt for one, maybe an arteest--let the juices flow. Or this one can be the solo chicken in the pear tree.
No problem. I guess I made her more androgynous than I thought. I figured the Pat Benatar "shirt" would be a dead giveaway, but maybe they don't listen to Pat in France or somethin'.

The biggest problem with trying to make a couple more to complete the trio is that I can't remember exactly how I made THIS one. There wasn't a pattern per se, just a basic idea of a shape. Then again, I suppose it's not that complicated to make a bowling pin with legs. And now that I have a technique for grafting in the wings figured out...

We'll see. For now I'm content to let her be one of a kind.
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