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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
A yo is just wrapping the yarn around the needle and you're supposed to do that, then knit into the cast on stitch. You could do a kfb increase though and it may not make a difference at the beginning here. Later on when the lace pattern is established, it would mess it up. Also you can just CO 2 sts to begin with, that won't be noticeable either and will still make a skinny pointed beginning.
This brings back memories. The very, very first stitch I ever knitted was a kfb increase with a CO of 1 stitch. (I don't count the CO 'cos I already knew how to tie a slipknot.) So I quite literally learned to increase before I learned how to do anything else!

When I started doing the next piece of that project, my Kninja Sensei made the same comment... just CO 2 and it'll be fine. Except... I didn't know how to cast on yet!
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