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Hey Gillian: Thank you so much for your reply and Kind words. No, I actually don't knit for my wife as she has been in a nursing home now for a few years. She has progressive MS. I did knit her a kinda birthday/Christmas Tarf in Christmas 2011. OH, a Tarf is a combination of a Toque/Scarf.

Haha, just a name I coined. It's kinda a long scarf, maybe 3 - 4' long, with an open end, knitted on circs. It was actually hard on me as I only used Red, White, Green. I would knit as we visited at the nursing home. It took me about 3 weeks. I wanted to have it done for her birthday, Oct. 29th, so started it the beginning of Oct..

My wife has never been a knitter, but she has always encouraged me to knit, and our boys.

Yes, Kaffe Fassett was really my inspiration to get back into knitting in the early 90's. But, I can't follow his patterns. I mean I 'could' if I wanted to, but then my knitting wouldn't be FUN, it would become work. My FreeStyle technique kinda came from his idea of just 'seeing where it takes him'. I will usually have kinda a 'basic' idea in mind before I start something, but as far as color changes, I have a bag of dozens of colors and just reach in and whatever comes out, comes out, lol.

I'm breaking that rule a little with my current scarf, as I'm doing Solid, Vari, Solid, Vari. But, I don't concern myself with what colors work together. When you don't care about that, the project becomes much more creative, at least in my opinion.

I don't know if this will work or not Gillian, but I will paste a link to my FB page where there are some photos of a few projects I've done. Please pardon the blurriness, I didn't have good lighting. Anyway, here's a link: 1

If this doesn't work, just PM me and I'll try again.

I'm not sure how to post pics here on the forum. Something I'll have to learn.

Happy Knitting....RJ
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