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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
That's a lot of yarn and squares. Cool! You could also do them kinda like a crazy quilt (all different sizes and shapes of fabric sewn together:

Do you have a place you can lay out your squares and see what they look like "fitted" together? That might give you an idea of what sizes and shapes you still need (to fill gaps), and it will also tell you what the final size of your creation will be--and what "shape" you can make, too (rectangle? square?).
I Will lay them out on a floor and take a pic sometime later I need 2 find a table big enough (i will also take pics of the last box which is ALOT of squares as well but also alot of cool differnnt colors and pattersn i love

so its not gonna all be grey and purple its going to have colors which will probally make it ugly.

Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Multicolor striped hats, scarves or blankets to name a few. I use leftover yarns to make hats and stuff for charity myself. I just make them up as I go. Of course if there's enough of what you personally like you could make a sweater for yourself, too.

Here's a few cool blankets. These are garter stitch so if you hate that then you might have to find another. Lol

im more worried about the squares cause i cant figure how to knit them together unlss i use a crotchet hook loop them together and just knit and back and forth down the squares.
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