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Snow Peacock Shawl/Veil
Hello I am a slightly experienced/still learning knitter. I have just finished teaching myself how to do cables and am up for another challenge so I've decided to start on lace
I don't know if I'm just sadistic or what but I have just fallen in love with a number of lace shawl patterns and since I have the extra $$ right now to splurge on a bunch of yarn I decided to expand my stash to include fingering and lace weight yarns.
I picked the Garden of Alla shawl to start with but then I found this amazing looking piece of work!
The Snow Peacock wedding veil. I decided to go with this as the pattern is written out and I have no experience reading charts so I want to tackle one thing at a time lol.

So now my questions start:
A) The pattern calls for Fingering weight yarn. I am getting this lace weight yarn and from the comments it sounds like it is a very light weight lace. The pattern says to use size 6 needles and the yarn calls for size 2-3. What size would you suggest going with?
B) If I wanted to make it longer could I just continue to repeat rows 80-83 until I had the desired length?

I thank you ladies in advance for any and all help you can give me as I take on this new project. LoL The next one I'll be trying to read from a chart and it will bring it's own set of questions I'm sure
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