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Giada Shawl by Plymouth Yarns chart confusion
Please help!

I just purchased a lovely pattern at the Yarn Sellar called Giada Shawl by Plymouth yarns.
The following describes my dilemma. I have only gotten to row three of the chart and it makes no sense to me. Many thanks to anyone who can help.

I am having a problem with the chart where there are Red borders shown in the middle of the row, as in normal chart for a few stitches, then a set of stitches set off with a red vertical line on the right of the first stitch and a red vertical line on the left stitch. This middle of the row is followed by a few more stitches to finish the row. On the symbol explanation it says the red vertical lines mean repeat. The only way I can seem to work that row (row three if you have this pattern) so that it comes out right, according to the previous row, is to knit the first set of stitches until I get to the red line and then the last of the stitches after the second red line. All the middle stitches, between the two red lines don't fit.
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