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Zig Zag Ribbon Dishcloth - K1B and K1BL
Zig Zag Ribbons Cloth - How do I do the K1B and K1BL?

This dishcloth pattern is confusing. The pattern instructions explain these stitches as follows:

K1B: K1 in front of st in row below, k st on needle

K1BL: K1 in back of next st in row below, k next st

So, I am ready to begin the zig zag pattern. I have 46 stitches on my needle and this is what the pattern says for Row 2: *K1B, k2, ssk. k5, rep from * across. I also have a 3 stitch garter border on each row. So, if I follow what the pattern says, I run out of stitches. If I do K1B like the online tutorials, it will not be an increase and then when I do the ssk I will have a decrease in the row and will not have 46 stiches when I purl back (as I am to do for every odd row). I am fairly new to knitting so I hope I have not been too confusing in describing my problem and welcome any suggestions. Thank you!
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