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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
No, that's really not quite right. Bringing the yf does put it in front, because you bring it between the needles, but when you work the next stitch the yarn gets moved over the needle to the back, making the yarnover. The british terms tell you how to move the yarn, while US terms tell you what result you should have. The yarn would always be going in a counter clockwise direction around the needle, just the same as for a knit or purl stitch. A backwards/clockwise yo would be bringing the yarn up and over the top, not between and maybe that's what she was thinking of.
Actually we're saying the same thing, I just used the word "behind" in an ambiguous fashion. What I meant was the yarn would have to be on the back side of the work before you could do the next stitch. But in order for the operation to have any effect, you would have to go over the needle from the front -- counterclockwise (or anti clockwise if you wanna be British about it).

Which I suppose means that the "yrn" in these instructions means to go backward (clockwise) around the needle... otherwise, I can't see any point to using two different instructions. Normally the pattern would tell you what they meant somewhere, right? But maybe it's somewhere else in the book rather than in the pattern itself... anyway, sounds like it's sorted.
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