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Originally Posted by SilverSagess View Post
Is this just a poorly written pattern?
Very possibly. Probably even. At best it's ambiguous... to me anyway.

I'm assuming that the 3-1/2" dimension is no longer relevant to the discussion when you get to this point? In other words, however many rows went into those 3 1/2" don't count in the 12?

What I can't work out for sure is "dec 1 st by p2tog, p2 before and p2, p2tog after each stitch marker". It says to dec by 1 st, but gives you instructions to decrease by TWO sts. Unless the marker is marking a row, and these two decreases are worked over 3 rows.

I dunno if it's a badly written pattern, but it sure seems like it could be a better one.
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