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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
The foundation sc and the half-double crochet are not the same stitch, so take note of that.

Yes, it's probably best to place some sort of marker (like a safety pin or paper clip) in the first stitch of the round. Once you become experienced at recognizing stitches, you probably won't need the marker. For example, if you're making a doily, and the first instructions of the round are to chain 10, well, you'll probably notice this big loop when you come back around to it. Meanwhile, stitch markers are the way to go.

When working in rows, it's a good idea to use a stitch marker to mark the stitch you will crochet into after your turning chain. So place your marker in the next to the last stitch of the row, work last stitch of row, work your turning chain, and then you know where the next stitch should go.

I find crochet much easier than knitting, but I learned it first and have pretty well mastered everything crochet (except for those dratted foundation stitches, which I despise)!
i dread them too, especially since some do it upside down and others downside up... very confusing. Well, I'm trying to crochet towels now... my biggest problem is finding which is the first and which the last stitches on a row. I keep ending up with either more or less sts than I'm supposed to have

i've been working on the same little towel for 3 days and nights now... sheesh! sorry but that's why i haven't been back. I did find out that the half double and the sc aren't the same... at all, just that you pull through all sts together for the hdc.

Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Firefox lets me go there, privoxy has no problem, and neither do any of the other programs I have to block stuff and/or warn me. I've seen that at other sites but haven't ever figured out why exactly. Sometimes if I just try again the warning is gone, other times it's not. I've wondered if it has something to do with the ISP somehow.

I'm very unlikely to pick up a virus, they're written almost exclusively for MicroSoft. I use penguin power.
ah ha... linux. man i miss my linux. believe me "microsoft works" is an oxymoron

so.... that's where i am today. hoping you all are doing wonderfully. i'm only 30 years behind on all my needle work so don't come on line much unless it's a dire need. been through videos and their stuff makes it easy to see the first and last sts... my work, not so much, lol

love youse guys... be back again when i can. not much today, i know but my brain is not working... many sleepless nights... but i did get the yarn for the tights/leotards so may start working on those next... winter probably,

be good and don't get tangled up in too many knots... and pray i see the light and have a revelation where i can see the sts!

thanks to all for your help and input and links. lol@ the lady talking about the bird... at least she can crochet!
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