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Not Fishermans Rib I know
I'm making my mum a 60th Bday pressie (Meringue Hand Knitted Cowl from and I'm a bit stuck before I've even started!
The instructions for it are Fishermans Rib and they are:
Row 1: [K1, P1] across
Row 2: [K1, yo sl 1 purlwise] across
Row 3: [K1 tog with yo from prev row (knit the stitch that was slippd in the prev row together with its yarn over), yo, sl 1 purlwise] across.

So I can do up to row 3 in the brackets. I can do the K1 tog with yo from prev row but the brackets get me lost. Once I've done the 1st bit all there is left is the slippd stitch, no yo over to knit it with. Can anyone explain it any better?
I've looked up Fishermans Rib which I've done before on other things but this is not what I would call Fishermans Rib and I can't find anything that will help.

It's only 1.5mths till my mums big day so I'd love to get onto it and would love any help.
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