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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Also thought of something else... Make you are knitting both yarns so it's double. If you accidentally knit each strand separately you'll do unintended increases.
So does that increase have a real official name? I do that on purpose when I need to increase in a project that's knit with 2 strands. It's easy, quick and best of all, invisible. But yeah, if you did it by accident, you'd NEVER figure out where that extra stitch came from.

Another gotcha is not getting both strands around the needle. It's easy to do, and you may not notice it until you get back to the same place on the next row/round. It won't actually HURT anything, but you might find a loose strand in the work that you can't tell where it's supposed to go. If it's on the inside/WS, it's no big deal, and it may not show even on the RS, but it's not something you'd actually WANT.
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