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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
If its not what GG said I suspect you're knitting the sock inside out and what you see are purls. Are you knitting inside the tube of knitting? Even though its not really wrong to knit that way it's more correct to knit outside the tube by knitting with the needles close to your body and the tube away. Patterns are written for this method.
I've done this in Magic Loop when I got confused and started going backwards around the loop. I wasn't actually knitting inside the tube, I'd turned the tube inside out. Sort of. I think it happened when I put the thing down for a while and the yarn got itself between the needles somehow when I picked it back up.

Confirming for me once again that the term "frog" resulted from a cleaned-up version of what you actually want to say as you're ripping out hard-won progress.
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