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Originally Posted by Rie View Post
The Stitcher's Closet does seem a little high doesn't it? It looks larger in the picture than any sweater organizer that I've run across so far, but I haven't really been looking for any.
I just got the other organizer today though and it's much bigger than I thought it would be.
However, when I unpacked it my two cats gathered around me like I was holding up the Holy Grail. I know they'll try to jump in it and tear the closet apart in the process. I need to look into how to child-proof the door. Although I think I'm going to like it overall, the openings for the mesh compartments are at the bottom of the compartment and I think the yarn is going to slip to the floor especially as I keep them in plastic bags. Still, it will help.
I think plastic under-bed storage is going to be my long term fix. I don't like yarn stored in open containers, even if it is in ziploc bags.

You are so right about not letting non-knitter people see the stash!!
My girlfriend uses the zipper bags that blankets and sheets come packaged in for stash overflow (she actually has furniture built for most of it, this is just for the overflow). The Giant Size Ziplocs work too, but it's harder to camouflage those with a throw.

My stash (so far) will fit in a carrier bag from Wings (all you need to reach the beach!) and that's how I define my "stash cap". But the official ruling is that WIP doesn't count against stash cap, so all I have to do to avoid hitting the ceiling is start something and then work on it at least once a year and none of the yarn that's used in it counts against my stash cap. But a Wings bag will hold a LOT of yarn... if you squish it right.
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