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Hey Brenda, hello and welcome. I also am new on this forum and kinda new back at knitting. Like yourself I learned as a kid; started at 8. Just had a break away from knitting for about a a year and missed it so started back maybe a month ago.

I've never tried socks, although I've bought a couple books on sock patterns in years past but never tried them. Knit some mittens once and really enjoyed that project. Used 35 colors. I was a Clown, so wanted colorful mittens. Also did a 12' scarf at the time, with 85 colors.

Now latest gig is knitting scarves on a short circ. I cast on 50 sts; I'm using 50 colors (sol & vari) and I'm mixing up my patterns. Current project is 7 rows per color.

You mentioned getting bored in years past. That happened to me too when I was only using 1 - 4 colors. That all changed in the 90's. LONG story haha. Anyway Brenda nice to meet you here. Look forward to corresponding and talking 'knit chat'. Would love to add you on FB.

Happy Knitting....RJ
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