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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Combust isn't a word?

I personally don't plan on making to the 22nd century. They can sort it out for themselves. Ah, the exquisite relief of knowing I won't be responsible.
well, it wasn't in my speel chekkre thingamabob... so i just believed it wasn't... it got all red and highlighted it... nasty thing.

Originally Posted by mojo11 View Post
Somehow the idea of wool tights and leotards and all that made me think of this... or maybe this.

Or, God forbid... this.
oh wow... the swimsuit would have really embarrassed me, the jumper thing i might could handle, but the poor baby! and they felt so abused they posted it on the web. sad...

I hope it never makes you think of those things again. I'm terribly sorry,
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