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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Superwash is treated to be washable (that's why it says 'wash' in its name) and often has to be dried in the dryer or it'll stretch out. I find regular cascade 220 to be scratchier than most acrylics, but I haven't felt the superwash version.

Using 2 strands of worsted can be a little thick for bulky, but as long as you got gauge and it's not too stiff (which makes it less soft sometimes) then you're fine.
I haven't tried machine drying the Cascade, but I did do it with some superwash merino I used in a shawl. It shrunk slightly in the dryer, but that was okay... it made it snap into shape really nice. But I'm always skeptical about putting wool in the dryer, no matter what the label says.

I'm with you on the regular Cascade 220, but I've used the 220 superwash hand paint and it's different. I don't know if the treatment they give it to make it washable does it or what, but it's not as scratchy. The Cascade 128 superwash was fantastic, like the Bon Ami of yarn... (hasn't scratched yet... oh did I just tell on MYself!)
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