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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Ravelry is a whole different thing. Yes, there are lots of groups, but you don't have to be involved. I've found them useful on occasion for a designer info, special deals found nowhere else, or specific likes or needs. Like there's actually a group for Catholic Nuns! How cool! No, I'm not a nun or catholic, but think its neat.
Thanks, Jan, you've opened my eyes!! I know lots of Catholic nuns (being a Catholic), maybe I ought to join they're group, I might know some of them!

Personal opinion, I think that FB sucks. When used in moderation, it's tolerable, but there are some people on there who act as though there is nothing else to life but it. Who really cares what they had for breakfast? They may as well put "wants attention" as their status.

I am slightly prejudiced because I've know a ton of people who complain on FB about how messy their house is, while instead they should just clean it!
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