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I had FB. I dumped FB.

Reason? Toooo much information! My people have no discretion. This momma was reading (and seeing) stuff that curled her hair. I don't need to hear about all my kids personal stuff, if you (ahem) follow me....or their fights.

My people used FB for good, and bad. Besides TMI, the bad included using FB as a boxing ring. A place to take a stab at a relative, then the dog fight. The ultimate punishment? Un-Friending.

Oh yes, I've been UN-friended by one of my own sons (very hurtful), and I have a cousin who is hot and cold with me on FB, but she won't call me to talk! I wish she'd never 'found' me on FB.

After several years, I quietly tiptoed back to FB, created another account. I use it mainly to follow businesses, and a few TV favorites, and Chris Rene's career. I check into my FB about twice a month. Period.

I have very few FB "friends" and like it that way.

I don't fault anyone for participating in FB, whether low-key or full-throttle. But for me, I think it's a huge time suck. And not good for much of anything.

I'd rather invest my online energy into KH and Ravelry. Both of these sites are actually good for something constructive, and for learning, and resources. Yes, there are social aspects, too!

And lest we can't knit when you're online cuz you can't knit one-handed even if you can SWYPE on your smartphone one-handed!
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