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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I've got my girls as friends, but they don't post often. Of the three one works for the federal government (NSF) and another will soon have her teaching credentials. They are very aware of the dangers of social sites. I just checked what's on my newsfeed today...NatGeo, Time Magazine, National Zoo, a couple book authors, free kindle book site, a funny actor, a cat site, my vet, a couple knitting sites... I have several friends that will show up if they post, but the breakfast posters have been hidden. Sooooo... I completely agree it can be a time suck and that FB oversteps their boundaries, but there's a lot of us who use it for other stuff and don't live there. Those people need to wake up!
Yeah, I use it for news, too. Also, Twitter and Flipboard.
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