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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Lion puts out a lot of patterns, there's a lot that were knitty patterns and other sites. Depends what category you're looking in.
Very true. And KPC was always a collection of links to patterns -- and tutorials and so forth. But the big difference is that -- at least for the free patterns -- you don't have to set up an identity on Knitty or Red Heart or Plymouth Yarn or most of the others to see what the thing looks like. But before LB will even let you see a photo -- never mind a pattern -- you have to give them information. And I'm disinclined to give that information out without a good reason. Especially in these times.

My girlfriend has an account on LB -- specifically for their pattern collection -- but yesterday I was looking for a pattern for something I wanted to make for her... and that would kinda spoil the surprise, wouldn't it? (BTW, when/if I get around to actually making the thing, be prepared for a bazillion questions... because I won't have my Yoda available to ask...)
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