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I am not on FB and never intend to be on it.

I got pulled into the Google Plus trap last year, not realizing what I was getting into. It's too easy to find yourself constantly checking to see if somebody posted something new, or if somebody commented on your post. It hit me that I was spending WAAAY too much time on something so stupid. Why waste the energy knowing very little detail (and commenting on?!) of people's lives, when you could be knitting or doing something else worthwhile? I don't have the emotional energy to follow everybody else's problems, when I've got my own.

I love Pinterest, and the only people I follow are my sisters, who always pin cute, crafty stuff. I'll occasionally pin a knitting pattern or a recipe, but I prefer to look at their stuff.

My sister pinned this hilarious meme...

"Pinterest makes me like people I've never met. Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life."

Isn't it the truth?!?
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