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Originally Posted by Redpurple View Post
Thanks so much for your help! I think I get it...just to confirm, here is what I plan to do:

1. k1, ssk
2. k10, k2tog, ssk repeatedly until I count that I have 13 stitches left and then
3. k10, k2tog, k1.

I'll have 86 stitches total in this row.
Not exactly. You'll start step 3 with 13 stitches, but you'll only have 12 when you're done, because you're making 2 of them into one with the k2tog. So you'll have 72 stitches in step 2 -- or 6 repeats -- when you've completed the step.

Originally Posted by Redpurple View Post
Do I count the 86 as I go or at the end? And since there are 13 stitches in step 3 above and 2 stitches in step 1, does that mean there are 71 stitches in step 2?
Depends on how obsessive you are about counting things, I suppose. It really only matters when you finish the row. If you're worried about losing count in a repeat (Step 2 in your instructions) then you might count the stitches in the repeat.
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