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Originally Posted by ABC's Mom View Post
I just bought a Plymouth Yarns pattern for a simple baby cardigan sweater done in Dreambaby DK. It's a striped sweater and the only shaping on the sweater is for the neck on the fronts, the back is just a rectangle. No shaping for the armholes. Rather than have all those loose threads on the ends of the rows, I was thinking of doing it on circular needles and make the body all one piece. I thought of just carrying the yarn up the sides but there is only one repeat of each color so not sure how that would work.
The pattern is Dreambaby DK P287.
Any thoughts?
I'm always in favor of less sewing myself. A couple of thoughts:

1: They're probably allowing a stitch on each end for selvedge, so you'll have to account for that if ... there's no selvedge. That's only really an issue if there's a pattern stitch though... a couple of extra stitches size wise, even on a baby sweater probably isn't gonna be a big deal. (I guess if you're using something uber-chunky at 2 sts/in it might be an issue, but what baby sweater is made out of yarn THAT thick? It'd weigh more than the kid!)

2: If there's only one repeat of each color, you can just join the new color in as you come to it. No need to carry it along. Since it's a cardigan, there's no "jog" to worry about in the stripes and the ends from the color changes can be easily enough disposed of.

3: I've yet to actually finish a sweater, so you should take anything I tell you with that disclaimer.

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