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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
Glad to hear things (crochet-wise) are going more smoothly. I hope it stays that way and just gets easier and easier. Crochet is my first love even though I've been knitting more lately!

Those are beautiful towels. Are they soft, too?

You're never too old to learn something new! It's good for the old noggin'!

Edited to say: Oh, that looks like seed stitch. I can see why you're having a bit of a problem when you get to the end of the row, but hang in there, you'll get it down pat.
I guess it would depend on what yarn you used if they are soft but I am using Creme de la Creme yarn. It's on sale so I bought a bunch of it. I was going to buy towels and all that for my new kitchen and the quality for the price sickened me. It really did. What has happened to the love of beauty in this country? And quality. And pride in good work well done? Anyway, I made a pink big girl one and then put this 'petal edging' from a little book I bought on amazon from the 40's or something around the edge and it's gorgeous. I'm waiting for this special button I also bought, to use for it. I'll take a picture when the button gets on.

You notice nobody makes tank sets anymore? You can't get those things for the back of the toilet that keeps it from looking like a cold unfeeling monster. I like soft, cozy bathrooms with lots of fluff. So this pattern book has a tank back pattern...

The truth is, the pattern for the towel is dysfunctional if you follow it exactly. Thing is, I can't actually say, or tell what it is that I did when I tweaked it. I can do it but I can't actually describe in words. One thing I did was ch 1 at the end of every row in addition to ch 1 at the beginning and it made a big difference. Also knowing that the turning chain is counted as a sc st really helped. Just little things like that that if you didn't know or someone didn't tell you... I guessed at the ch 1 at the end. I remember my Mom aways ch 1 before turning. I had forgotten after all these years til I was actually doing it. Are you making some?

Originally Posted by MGM View Post
Those towels are nice! I thought it looked just like my favorite woven stitch that I use for my washcloths and afghans! That post has a video on how to do the stitch if you're interested!

OH wonderful! I like that! Thank you! It looks like this Chinese Waves knitting pattern I found. I can't find the original pattern now, this link doesn't have a pic but this pic looks like it. Thanks for the link to hooked on needles too!

And I want to thank all of you that are helping me. If I have neglected to notice your post or something, please just throw a rock at me, because I've been working so hard I come on here and fly through like a palmetto bug in a parachute. Thanks to all of you I never thought I'd be a crocheter and knitter. I must be getting smarter, GG.. I know they're not supposed to be smarter but.. I have to count EVERY stitch of every row, not mindlessly knitting st st sweaters and watching TV. I've even missed my favorite shows from this, but it's cool because I'll have knowledge and tame wild strings of yarn! (what? no superman emote? lol)

Have a great day and I'll BE BACK... God knows when though,
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