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What is frogging?

The stitches started looking like that when I got a good set of needles, why does a good set cost as much as a cheap set? Got some stainless Chaiogoo and I absolutely love them.

I did use red color markers just made some rounds from red yarn and would loop them over every 10 stitches, they lasted about 2 rows, but that was with the old smaller needles. I'm sure the stitching size has more to do with the larger needles vs me trying to go with the smaller needles. I am enjoying it though. It's nice to work on it, then put it down for a half hour and go back to it, but I find I tend to stare at it while I'm not working on it.

It also beats wasting my life sitting in front of the tv or my computer while home. I much prefer doing something.

mojo11, I just noticed what your avatar says, how many people have caught the reference?
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