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Socks are top down, I've heard of toe up, two at a time and magic loop, but one thing at a time ladies! I don't think I'm a natural knitter, I have to really concentrate on what I'm doing and I don't find it easy to learn new techniques... but on the other hand I learnt to knit anyway and then taught myself socks so I suppose we have to start somewhere.

So far I'm liking the self patterning or striping yarn, it looks complicated when it isn't at all.

And Antares, you really made me laugh! "Last edited by Antares : Today at 02:50 PM. Reason: Cause I'm an idiot! "

Yes we kayak, I like kayaking on large lakes rather than rivers, my boat is 13 1/2 ft so the rivers can get a bit tight at times. We like to go camping and the kayaks and mountain bikes always go with us. Lots of fun.
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