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Originally Posted by Redpurple View Post
So where would you put the stitch markers? I'm thinking after step 2 (the repeat) and another one at the step 3 (the end of the row)?

Here's row 2 and the steps of how I read it: k6, *knit into front and back 2 times, k10, repeat from* to last 8 stitches, kfb 2 times, k6 (100 stitches)

(Wrong side)
Step 1: k6,
Step 2: *knit into front and back 2 times, k10, repeat from * to last 8 stitches
Step 3:kfb 2 times, k6

(100 stitches)

Where would you put the markers in row 2? After step 2 and another at step 3?
I'd use markers at the beginning of each repeat and the end of the last repeat. But there's no "right" place to put them. Place them where they'll best help YOU remember what's coming up.

BUT. Since you're adding 2 stitches in each repeat in Step 2, if you want to mark all the repeats before you start the row, you'll have to put one after the first 6 stitches and then after every 12th stitch beyond that until you get through the 6 repeats. At that point you should have 8 stitches left in the row, so the beginning of step 3 is already marked by the end of the last repeat in step 2.
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