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Originally Posted by BubbaX View Post
I would help if i could but im knitting for charitys and stuff as well.....

but another issue is your selling yarn 2 after asking for im a little worried about that
I think I might understand how you got the idea the yarn is being resold, Bubba. There is a screen at the site linked to that says Visit The Yarn Store but I can't figure out how you get to a site that is selling yarn from there, I don't know what yarn store they mean. Someone earlier wrote:

I'm sorry but I hesitate every time I see requests like this. It may not be a legitimate organization, but someone seeking free yarn that will in turn be sold on Ebay for profit.
If I have any concerns it would be how do we verify that any person or group is affiliated with the Caring Caps group or actually sending them on. I could link to any site and say this is what I'm going to do with whatever I'm asking for.
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