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The only hand cranked model I've ever used was ... not good. I wish I I could remember who built so I could tell you to avoid it. It was almost faster to do it by hand, except for the time we had to wind nearly a mile of sock yarn. And even then it took both of us to operate the froggin' thing. It was bad. Bad, bad, bad, twenty bad.

Depending on how generous the LYS is, they might wind it for you. I know the stores I go to here will wind any yarn you buy from them free of charge (I prefer to wind my own, machine wound balls always have The Wad when you start them).

Failing that, you could always have a Wind-a-Thon with the local scout troop or something. (They're always looking for service projects, right?) Might cost you a couple of dozen pizzas or something, but I bet it'd get done quick. Many hands make light the work as they say. Now how well the balls would be wound is another story...
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