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Originally Posted by MGM View Post
Well Starbuck, your towel turned out just lovely! Did you enjoy making it in the end? Wasn't it great learning all this new stuff? Now you can take your new skills and jump into any crochet project you like! Good for you!

'Aw, gee thanks Yeah, it was great once I knew what I was doing. Things were so nice once that started happening. Such pretty things to do with string!

Originally Posted by Antares View Post
Well, for all your headaches, that towel turned out gorgeous, and the button is perfection itself--nice topper-offer!

If you get discouraged with your current project, just cast your eyes on this beauty to remind yourself of how good your project will eventually look--inspiration indeed.

I hope your newly found crochet skills will continue to flourish! Your stitches are so nice and even, your artistic juices are obviously flowing, and you are learning new stitches and techniques. That's a recipe for success!
I know! I will... I have, lol. I'm working on the back of the toilet tank thingie with the towel I've had about 300 false starts but each time it looks better (but I do look at my towel a lot).

I hope all of you have a fun day!
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