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Originally Posted by kaydeecan View Post
Mojo 11-I see that you have counted only one stitch for the yo. But when I do yo I get an additional stitch. so I have
So now I have 20. Obviously the yo's are causing me the problem. I have watched the video for doing yo's and they are increasing one. Sorry to be so dumb, but am still stumped.
I suspect that what's causing the problem is the transition from knit to purl (and back) with a YO in the middle. And it may not be the YO itself, but what you're doing next that's giving you the extra stitch.

I'd feel more confident in my advice if I were doing it and noting what I was doing, but I think what's wanted here is to bring the yarn forward between the needles, just as you would when going from any knit to any purl, then continue around and over the RH needle and then back to the front -- between the needles. Then purl as normal for your next stitch. But I'm doing this in my head, not with my hands, so I might be visualizing it wrong. Can't hurt to try a row that way and see if it gives you the right count.

Good hunting!
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