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Originally Posted by ladyparmar View Post
Then pattern reads:
Dec 1 st at each end of next 5 rows, then on foll 3 alt rows (123 st)

Does this mean
dec 1 st at each end of the right side for 5 rows as in every alt row?

and then a further 3 rows on every right side?

Look forward to hearing from anyone
The way I read it, it's decreasing on every row (RS and WS) for 5 rows, then 3 more times on alternate rows after that (which side that would put them on I don't know... I lost track.) But that's more a slightly educated guess than anything, and based on the notion that otherwise they'd have just said "dec by one at each end of the next 8 alt rows" and left off the distinction between 5 rows and 3 alt rows.

But just 'cos it makes sense to me don't make it so.
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