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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
You can also do kbf - knit into the back first, then the front. For some reason I'm finding that easier to do in garter stitch.
I tend to avoid the kfb unless it's specifically called for because I don't really like the "bar" it makes. But in garter stitch that's probably not as evident, huh? I've never tried doing it in reverse though. In my head that looks a fright, but I suspect that in the real world it's not so scary.

The one that blew my mind was knit into the back, purl into the front. (kbpf? I dunno...) I couldn't think of any compelling reason to do that, so I promptly banished it. Keeping up with all the variants of M1 is about all my brain can hold. Actually... it won't even hold all of that.
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