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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I expect you knit English which means you'd hold the yarn in your right hand and throw it. We Continental knitters hold the yarn in the left hand (like a crocheter) and "grab" it with the needle (if I throw the yarn, it's literally out of frustration and across the room!). There are videos for both styles here. Changing the yarn from front to back to front as for k1, p1 ribbing is much easier and faster in Continental. It's all a matter of personal preference or what I can do since English style hasn't worked yet. (The easier and faster part may be purely subjective on my part but Continental knitters all seem to find ribbing easier.)
I've always thought Continental looked faster and easier, but that may just be envy talking. I can't really do Continental... it sorta requires fingers I don't have. But if I ever figure out a way to fake it, I'll be a willing convert!
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