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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
You would kbpf if you wanted to increase in rib or seed st, but a kfb would do the same thing. The little bar looks like a purl stitch.

I'm actually finding that a m1 in garter stitch is pretty invisible, where it isn't in stockinette stitch and makes a line of purled stitches.
IS there an increase that's invisible in stockinette? The only thing I've found that doesn't show a bump/ridge/line is ... well I don't know if it has a real official name or not, and it only works if you're holding 2 strands. I call it the "bifurcated increase" ('cos it sounds all geeky and stuff) or the "kss" (for "knit strands separately"). Just knit each strand as a separate stitch and voila. It also has the benefit of being just about the easiest increase you can imagine. I think I have a photo somewhere... Ah! Yes, I do. But I should probably post it in What'cha Knitting? as an FO 'cos this thread is already listing heavily to OT.
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