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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
That's a gorgeous hat!! I'm sure she will love it!

I like the look of KFB if they can be incorporated into the design. I have used them many times for raglan sweaters. And for the decreases or increases on hats I ALWAYS use markers. Makes remembering way easier. That's another good thing about can see which row you're on very easy.
I didn't use kfb on this version of it, thought I did when I made the felted models since they only used a single strand. this increase is actually just knitting each of the two strands as an individual stitch, and it probably has a real official name but I don't know it. It makes a neat line, but you can't see where the second stitch comes from. What you CAN see is where the next increase should be, but I didn't realize this when I was making this one. So it was markers for me! Actually, I only used one and kept moving it after each increase. That way I could count back to the last increase and see where I was real quick.

And yeah, she loved it.
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