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Grafting the Toe
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Hi everyone. Today I got a 2 page letter (in the mail!!) from my DGD thanking me for the mitts and more. She is doing some knitting herself. I taught her some years ago and she says she remembers a lot of what I taught her. She reports that she is loving it.

And they (most likely) have the added bonus of clicking when tap your hands against a hard surface, so with these your granddaughter can drive everyone insane!
Antares, I actually used the technique that is supposed to put the beads on the outside, but some of them wanted to pop through to the "body" side. I didn't like that because I thought they might be cold and not feel that nice, so I went behind each bead and with some yarn sewed a little nip so that that the bead couldn't pop through. No annoying tapping either, which might be a good thing.

The other day, away from my computer I realized that what I said in the last sentence made no sense whatsoever. How could keeping the beads from "bleeding" through to the inside prevent DGD from tapping the beads that are on the outside of the mitt on surfaces. No smiles available on this edit. I need some rolling eyes here. lol

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