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American knitter using UK pattern
Hi everyone,

In case anyone has the pattern, I'd like some help with the Twilleys of Stamford (456) Lacy Glove pattern (pg. 30). I am new to lace knitting. I have knitted lace before, but years ago.

The instructions state "K tog first st with corresponding st of cast-in edge, *K tog next st with corresponding st of cast-on edge, rep from * to end". I don't understand how to do this K tog. I presume it doesn't mean a simple K2tog.

I am an inconsistent knitter (I'm sure you're all aghast at that thought), so thorough explanations at the level of near complete idiot are appreciated.

Don't know if this will help you for possible analogy use, but I am a very skilled sewer and crocheter.

Thanks in advance!
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