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Bust darts. I do them too. I assume your pattern doesn't tell you how to do them. First, while I think for a few minutes, I'm going to post the link for the short row method I use, German short rows, for you to consider for your own use. I find they show less.

OK, I've thought, I think I can explain this, at least sort of. I work one side at a time* though you could go back and forth and do them all least I think so....I've used them on a sweater front worked in one piece and did one side, worked across, did the other; working across the back would be pretty much the same thing. (You can probably tell I have problems with getting this straight in my head.) One set is worked on the RS and the other on the WS. I like to put in a lifeline before I start the short rows so if/when I mess up it's easier to get back to starting over. Also, if I mess up on one side and haven't worked the other yet, I'm not frogging everything. HTH

*When I work one side at a time, both sides are done so that you work to the center front, turn, work to the point of short row turning, work back to the front. If I have this wrong someone will correct me.
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