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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Is this the one you're doing?
I did do a prototype of that one but it looked a bit frumpy so... I got this little pamphlet... which is why it's unavailable now. And in it, I have to do the bp... which I can do, but I keep messing up and putting sometimes three and sometimes one sc between them when I'm doing it in the back when it's supposed to be only two... ONLY TWO! (I keep yelling that at myself in my head)... so I keep working 3 rows and then catch the mistake and have to tear the same three rows out 200 times.

However... I thought of something when I was doing some knitting... a new stitch called seafoam (new for me that is); The pattern makes just a front thingie but my toilet doesn't have any pipes in the back or anything to make only covering the front necessary. Maybe I can add a bunch of stitches so it fits all around, and join the work, work in the round like with circular needles; that way I can always see the work, doing it in the fp position and hopefully eliminating the back mess-ups! Do you thing it would work?

To sum up; It's not the pattern, it's me.

Originally Posted by fatoldladyinpjs View Post
Teresa has some really good crochet instruction videos, left hand videos, and project videos. If anybody follows Teresa on Youtube, she used to be tjw1963. Now shes TheCrochetGeek. I was freaking out there for a minute thinking Youtube dumped my subscription, but found her in my list with another name.

I'm not happy with Youtube since Google took over. They dumped half my subscriptions and I had to resubscribe. Of course, most of them were my crochet subscriptions. I wish they'd get their stuff together. They're doing some pretty strange things lately. If you are a poster on Youtube for a knitting or crochet business, check your subscriber numbers. If they went way down that may be what happened. Or why you're not getting new video notifications for your favs.
Google is like big brother. I don't like them but they are the big clumsy giant that will smash you if you try to get around them. Have you ever tried to contact them? Impossible. They dish it out but never take anything. I think the median age for employees there is like 13.
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