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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Why are you loathe to do that? DK yarn is about 22 st over 4 inches so the LYS is correct. The larger needle will give you the larger gauge. Thats why the pattern suggests both DK and a larger needle for the drape. I would look for a DK you like since that is the suggested weight.
I suppose I am worried about using something that is not recommended in the pattern and it turning out larger than I need. I have been looking for dk yarn... so far, not much to be seen in either the LYS or at Michael's.
Am I worrying about nothing? Are you saying it doesn't matter if I used 22 or 18 to get 4" on the gauge?
It's such a lovely sweater to look at...I'm sure the drape is also arrived by the type of dk that they used as well...
I've been knitting for quite a while now but this is the first time I will be using a thinner yarn for a whole sweater... but that is what I want.
I guess I'm looking for some kind of guarantee that it will come out right.
Of course, I am going to knit a swatch but how will I know if I purchased the right yarn until I do make a swatch. I'd have to buy the yarn first so I can swatch it, wouldn't I?
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