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Question on instructions
Hi, I have been knitting off and on for awhile, but just easy patterns. I seen this cap instructions on youtube with a link to download the pattern. It looked like something I would to try next that wasn't just a ribbed pattern like the hats I have knitted so far. Plus I could give it to my new Grandaughter.
But one part of the instructions I don't understand.
In the instructions below, I understand all but the "rep btwn".
I think the rep = repeat, but the "btwn", I am not sure what that means unless it's between, then I am not sure what you do on this round.
I looked in the abbreviations on here, but I didn't see it listed.
I did a search and the results were about between.

*P2, k3.* On this and every round rep btwn * to end.
Continue in rib pat next four rounds.

I tried to post the link to the pattern, but this is my first post, so it wouldn't let me.

Thank you
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