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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
Nice one, mojo! You certainly have a flair for colors, unique (even if sometimes unintentional) methods, and decisions that really work out swimmingly in the end! (OT: Why is it that we don't say something is going runningly or climbingly or jumpingly? Why does swimming always get to be made into an adverb and not these other action-related nouns?)

By the way, may I recommend placing stitch markers after so many repeats of the pattern? They're cheap (string tied into a loop), they're reusable, they're easy to use (no getting up for refills or trips to the bathroom), and they're caffeine free!

I would probably give it to her early. Who knows, next week you might have a heat wave (or is that just in Texas?).
My problem wasn't so much with the number of repeats, it was forgetting where I was within the pattern repeat. I'm not sure markers would've helped with that one.

The color change method is one I've used before, and isn't so much unintentional as... maybe unconventional. Or who knows, maybe people do it all the time.

I was stationed in Texas back in the mid-80s, so I'm familiar with the weather patterns (or lack of them) there. I can remember riding my motorcycle to work in the morning in all the cold weather gear I could fit on my body and riding home in the afternoon in a t-shirt. North Carolina isn't quite that bad, but it's only been about a week ago that we were having daytime highs in the 70s (which is rare even for here) and this week we're looking at overnight lows in the low 20s. (I know, I'm breaking the hearts of Minnesotans and Wisconsonites everywhere.)

As for "swimmingly", you ask a fair question... all I can offer by way of answer is "blame the Brits, they came up with it."
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